What is it?

.Wali-bhaji leaves are a favourite vegetable specially cooked with grated coconut. The leaves should be freshly plucked as flavour spoils if allowed to wait. This vegetable is served with pej( boiled rice gruel)

What you Need

  1. One large bunch of wali-bhaji,
  2. Four tablespoons of grated coconut, two red chillies one spoonful of roasted coriander seeds
  3. One large onion
  4. Dried shrimps for seasoning

How to make it

Chop leaves finely. Boil the leaves and dried shrimps together (the leaves become slightly sticky) Grind grated coconut,red chillies, roasted coriander seeds finely add chopped onion and grind coersly. Add ground masala to boiled leaves. Add sault to taste and add amsul. Serve with rice gruel.