Madgane Vade

What is it?

Fried balls of rice and dal in sweet sauce.

What you Need

For madgane:  four tablespoonful of rice flour, half a cup of grated coconut jaggery, 2/3 cardemum

For vade:  one cup of rice flour, two tablespoonful of urad dal ( horse gram)

How to Make it

Madgane:  Add one cup of water to the rice flour mix well and cook for five minutes. Grind grated coconut and add to the cooked rice flour, Cook for another five minutes. Add  jaggery and cardemum powder and  cook for two minutes.


Vade:  Soak urad dal for five to six hours. Grind urad dal to smooth paste. Add this paste to the rice flour. Add salt to taste. Kneed the mixture. Make small balls. Flatten the balls ( 1/4th inch thick) and fry till golden brown. Serve with madgane.