What you Need

1/4th cup of tur dal, 100gms of red pumpkin cut into cubes, 100 gms of ghosali (squash) cut into cubes, Bhendi (okra/ladies fingers), one drumstick cut into one Inch pieces, mulo ( white radish) cut into small pieces One cup of scrapped coconut, 5-6 trifala, two red chillies.

How to make it

Boil dal till half done. Add all the above mentioned vegetables and boil till the vegetables are cooked. Grind scrapped coconut and red chillies to a smooth paste. smash triphala, add water to it and take only the water. Add that water to the coconut paste. Add this mixture to the boiled dal and vegetable. Add jaggery, salt and amsul to taste. Serve with chappati or boiled rice.