Bangadya Suke

What is it? .

A unique dry dish of mackarel. 

What you Need

Two bangadas cut into six pieces, one cup of scrapped coconutt, red chillies, 1/4th inch ginger finely cut, four to six garlic pods, one medium onion cut finely

How to make it

Grind grated coconut, chillies  to fine paste adding water. Boil the masala adding pieces of ginger and onion. Add salt and amsul. Boil for two minutes and add bangdya pieces. Boil for another two minutes. Give garlic tadaka.

For garlic tadaka:  Put one teaspoonful of  coconut oil in a pan. Add crushed garlic and cook it sterring all the time till the garlic becomes blakish. Pour this tadaka into the cooked bangada. Suke should be thicker than ambat.